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The reserve price was also set at $938 million previously, but no deal was concluded.

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Hotspot #1: Lorong Chuan.

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Mar 14, 2022 · The most recent en bloc attempt (third time) for Chuan Park condo was back on 05 October 2021 and was closed on 18th November, at 3.

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The reserve price was also set at $938 million previously, but no deal was concluded.


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Jun 21, 2022 · Chuan Park gets $860m offer, below $938m en bloc reserve price Based on the offer price, residential unit owners stand to receive $1.


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Chuan Park was put up for tender with an indicative price of $938 million from Oct 5 to Nov 18, 2021.

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It has a plot size of 400588 sq feet.

The collective sale of Chuan Park may be the biggest en-bloc deal since Tulip Garden, back in 2019.

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Image 2: Chuan Park Aerial View, Source: Pguru.


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At $938 million, the land rate works out to $1,256 per square foot per plot ratio.

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If the collective sale of Chuan Park at $890 million is successful, this could give renewed hope to other collective sale hopefuls at other ageing leasehold.

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